Trail 2021 Teignmouth Beach 


Recycled Art In The Landscape

Sculpture Trail starts Mon 19th  July finishes Sunday 26th  September 2021

TRAIL is an artist-led, voluntary organisation focusing on raising awareness of environmental issues through recycled art. The acclaimed annual sculpture trail, along Teignmouth Sea Front, takes place for the duration of the summer season along the South Devon coast.  Alongside our main annual exhibition, Indoor TRAIL showcases the best in recycled art for your home in a gallery setting.

Ocean Dance

By Steve Yeates and Matthew Blount

Trail 2021


The most successful part of Steve & Matt’s 2019 TRAIL submission was the wind turbine made from an old oil drum. We decided to continue the theme of wind powered motion, so our research focused upon wind turbine ideas for our 2021 submission.



Steve Yeates and Matthew Blount are proposing to create a wind driven dynamic sculpture of leaping dolphins based on the marriage between wind and sea.  The creative idea came from watching wind turbines turning and seeing the playful shapes within the curves of the turbine blades; which resembled dolphins.


Ocean Dance creates two dancing dolphins that spin around in the air; powered by the sea breeze. We want Ocean Dance to make the viewer think about waste plastic that is being dumped into our oceans. Waste plastic does not biodegrade for thousands of years and will remain in the

eco-system for generations. This plastic is having a devastating effect upon the world’s wild life populations. It is getting into the food chain and recent research shows that it is even getting into our children's food.


We also want Ocean Dance to remind the viewer about the thousands of captive dolphins and whales trapped in unsuitable living conditions; put on display purely for entertainment. #emptythetanks . These beautiful animals should be allowed to roam the oceans in a safe and unpolluted way.