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Quick Valentines gifts guaranteed delivery before the 14th February 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well?

Valentine's day is less than 2 weeks away. There is just enough time for guaranteed delivery before February 14th.This is your chance to reach out and express your love by sending something very unique, beautiful and created especially for them.

A perfect Valentines gift could be one of my Love inspired bas-relief such as

Here Is My Heart (above). I have sculpted a pair of hands offering a red heart inside a white box frame. The Hands come out further from the frame to give greater movement so there is no glass. I can personalise the little frame with the words of your choice. In the image above my client chose the words " so here is my heart Amanda" - what words would you say? The frame can be wall or table top displayed

Here Is My Heart

hand bas-relief and heart in a white box frame

Mixed media

27(h) x 27(w) x 7(d)cm

£85 edition of 100

special offer shipping is including inside the UK

Sharing A Sonnet (above) is a sesitive cold cast bronze depicting two friends of mine. They first met at drama club, where they read Shakespeare's Sonnets together. This sculpture was a 40th anniversary gift. If you would like to give your loved one an edition of this beautiful sculpture including the wall mountable books let me know. There is still time for me to send this in time for Valentines.

The cold cast bronze is reclaimed from old fishing boat engines and drive shafts, the books are sourced from old library stock.

Normal list price £495. I am offering you today a special Valentines offer of £395 including deliver inside the UK valid only until February 14th 2021.

Sharing A Sonnet

cold cast bronze on real wall mountable books.

22(h) x 18(w) x 14(d)cm

£395 edition of 25

(including delivery inside the UK)

I have a variety of different freestanding cold cast bronzes on my website. There might be something there you also like?

Another little Valentines gift I can get to you before 14th February is my Heart Flags.

Each one is called My English Love, My Welsh Love, My Scottish Love etc depending upon the flag you choose to go on the hearts. Each one is hand made and painted by me. Inside a white box frame that can be wall hung or table top displayed.

You can choose any flag to go on your heart and personalise the title.

My English Love (example)

mixed media in a white box frame

27(h) x 27(w) x 6(d)cm

£85 edition of 100

Valentines offer free delivery inside the UK

Payments can be made via cheque, bank transfer and credit card.

Happy Valentine's.

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