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Valentine's Ideas 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well?

Valentine's day is only four weeks away and this February 14th is a very special one as some of us have been away from our loved ones for most of the year and sometimes not even having any direct contact. This is your chance to reach out and express your love by sending something very unique, beautiful and created especially for them. I can ship all over the world. Some of the ideas below are actually created with your personal input? How you ask? See below.

A perfect Valentines gift could be one of my flag inspired hand painted kisses.Eachbas-relief pair of lips is painted with your national flag upon it eg the Australian and Scottish flags in the images above.

In this way you can send kisses from you to your loved one.

Shipping is free inside the UK. (shipping outside the UK extra)

An Aussie Kiss

25(w) x 25h) x 4(d)cm

£85 edition of 100

A Scottish Kiss

each one is 25(w) x 25(h) x 4(d)cm

£85 edition of 100

What is your national flag?

Shipping is including inside the UK

Many years ago I saw a beautiful couple salsa dancing together on a dance floor in Ibiza. I wondered if there was any way I could capture their beautiful shapes and the passion of the dancing in a sculpture.

It was this idea that developed into my embracing papier mache couples. I put the music score on one side and the lyrics on the other side of a dancing couple sculpture. The sculpture then represents a song.

Imagine if the song was chosen by you?

If a song has sentimental meanings, such your favourite song or your first dance at your wedding, then the sculpture will have a special meaning for you - it could represent a special moment in time and an expression of love through a song.

Above are examples of previous embracing couples that I have made in different colour combinations. What colours would you like. What colours would suit your home?

My website has lots of different designs and sizes to choose from. Make sure you know the size of wall space so you can choose the perfect design for your loved one.

As a special offer I am including free delivery inside the UK.

I can have a copy ready for you in time for Valentines Day, but don't delay.

for example Crazy In Love Music & Lyrics of your choice on mixed media 120h) x 40(w) x 20(d) cm £1295 ed of 20 (including delivery inside the UK) If you check out my webpage there are many more embracing couple designs to choose from. More couple designs

First Kiss (above) is a classic freestanding cold cast bronze 31cm high. I wanted to make a simple elegant sculpture reminiscing about your first kiss. The bronze is reclaimed from old fishing boat engines and drive shafts.

First Kiss

cold cast bronze

31(h) x 10(w) x 9(d)cm

£595 edition of 25

(including delivery inside the UK)

I have a variety of different freestanding cold cast bronzes on my website. There might be something there you like?

This is where I would normally tell you about the up and coming shows, but I am afraid nothing is happening yet to tell you about. However, do subscribe to my instagram & facebooks pages as these are regularly updated with my art practice. If you're interested in any of my Valentine's sculptures then get back to me asap, via email, or call me on 07768455616, as time is getting short for me to make and deliver them to you.

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